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Z is for Zaitech: Namarketing A to Z

From around 1960 to the late 1980s, Japan had one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. Their stock market bubble was fueled by a Japanese corporate invention, known as “zaitech,” or “Financial Engineering”– after obtaining low-interest loans, corporations … Continue reading

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R is for Re: Namarketing A to Z

Redesign  … Reimagine     … Reinvent F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the same mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” … Continue reading

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J is for (J)esture controlled ads: Namarketing A to Z

Before the Renaissance, the letter J had been merely a glyph variant of I. After the Renaissance, it became conventional to treat I as a vowel, and J and as a consonant. Thus, the Latin “gesta” for “deeds,” turned to “geste” … Continue reading

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E is for Editorial Board: Namarketing A to Z

Content Advice One of the most underrated, but most valuable parts of any content generating groups is the editorial advisory board (EAB). Even if your business isn’t content, if you publish anything tot the outside world (and if you don’t … Continue reading

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Eat, drink, sleep, and breathe content

What exactly do you do with content? I am not asking those of you who write, design, produce, create, edit, shape, film, review, strategize, draw or otherwise “make” the content. This is a question for those who have recoiled at … Continue reading

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Boots, Paul Simon and social media marketing

The Wellington boot. Topboots, billy-boots, barnboots. Muckboots, sheepboots or gumboots. The tall hunting boot, originally designed in leather for the Duke of Wellington, was recreated in rubber and became required footwear for use in Europe‘s flooded trenches of WWI. It then found further use again in WWII. … Continue reading

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Pedants beware: specialization is for insects

“How many years experience do you have managing left-handed proofreaders, and proactively fixing split infinitives in a high-pressure B2B financial services company within a highly-matrixed but siloed environment with a lot of corporate ambiguity?” While this is not exactly what … Continue reading

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