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Eat, drink, sleep, and breathe content

What exactly do you do with content? I am not asking those of you who write, design, produce, create, edit, shape, film, review, strategize, draw or otherwise “make” the content. This is a question for those who have recoiled at … Continue reading

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Boots, Paul Simon and social media marketing

The Wellington boot. Topboots, billy-boots, barnboots. Muckboots, sheepboots or gumboots. The tall hunting boot, originally designed in leather for the Duke of Wellington, was recreated in rubber and became required footwear for use in Europe‘s flooded trenches of WWI. It then found further use again in WWII. … Continue reading

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Content Marketing as Hors d’oeuvre

Hors d’oeuvre is an 18th century French term meaning, literally, “apart from the main work”. Originally, according to William and Mary Morris’ Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins, it was an architectural term referring to an outbuilding not incorporated into the architect’s main … Continue reading

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Who’s your bartender?

Your business needs customers. It has to attract new customers to survive and grow. You could do worse than to hire a bartender. No, you don’t have to have a happy hour at your workplace everyday (though it might not … Continue reading

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Market the business. Target the customer. Repeat.

Business to business marketing on the increase. These days, B2B merchants are increasing their online marketing to efforts to appeal to all levels of a “client organization”. The latest survey from Sagefrog finds about 40% of B2B operators will increase … Continue reading

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The Pull of social media

One of the many traditions at Hope College in Michigan is a tug-of-war over the Black River between freshmen and sophomore teams called The Pull. For more than 100 years, classes have trained to go head-to-head in order have the rope … Continue reading

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