D is for differentiation; Namarketing A to Z

Namarketing:  differentiation

Distinguish your product or service from others.

Market your differentiation

Finding a way to stand out may be the most difficult chore a business faces. But it becomes an opportunity to establish the voice of authority in your industry and enhance your brand image with customers.  Aside from price, which is a simple but often self-destructive differentiator, highlight differences between products, you can market differences in quality, convenience, or even the best packaging.

How can a professional help identify a differentiator for a company they market? For a company with a rich heritage, review its past, the founder’s vision and thoughts, any records or archives, even old publications for a few insights.

Market to its customers the most important value the company owns: it may be reliability,  expertise or flexibility, or it may be a niche area of operation. Use it as a sledgehammer. Drive home the point in every communication the company does. Both internally and externally.

Create a visual manifestation. an icon or graphic application that can portray the offering or perhaps link the organization with a cause that be a partner to market with, and an image to identify with.

Be an opinion leader. Publish thought leadership content on topics of interest. Do your competitors have a blog? If not, this might be an opportunity to establish the voice of authority in your industry and enhance your brand image with customers.

Overall, it is best to differentiate the company on the basis of unique emotional values, instead of on functional category values


About Namar

An intergrated marketing professional inclined to ruminations and, occasionally, to taking a contrary position.
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