Namarketing A to Z: A is for Autoresponder

A is for Autoresponder

marketing autoresponder steam punk

A is for Autoreposonder

Autoresponders are used to send an automatic e-mail in response to an incoming e-mail message. This allows for the sender to know the e-mail has been received. They can be used effectively in customer service by indicating to the consumer:

  • A query was received
  • Alternate means to find information
  • A response timeframe

Your Advantage: An autoresponder can also be used to distribute a digital product (a white paper or some other thought leadership content) in response to an e-mail request.

Take advantage of this technology. Create content which helps position you as an expert in your niche, which will encourage your readers to spread the word about you, raising your credibility.

The content you develop  may be used further down the road, for an eBook or another free giveaway for new customers; remember, writing informative, instructional content is never wasted.

As always, additional soft marketing can be included in these emails, with links to your website and encouragement to find out more information on certain pages of your website. Promote an event, newsletter, or upsell your prospect/client…automatically.


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